Samara Hakim, JD

Samara is the President of CulturGrit, LLC. She is an international culture and inclusion thought leader, data strategist, speaker, writer, and facilitator. For over a decade, Samara has equipped leaders with the cultural intelligence to work with those who are different, by mitigating bias and integrating culture into business practices and metrics. She has extensive experience in communication and conflict management, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and culture transformation. Samara is a dynamic speaker who engages people to think beyond their comfort zone to work across differences. She draws on a range of experiences including her cross-cultural work, her career as a lawyer, and her personal background. Samara grew up in Lebanon. She has traveled extensively and is fluent in French, Arabic, and English, and proficient in Spanish. Samara loves chocolate, biking, and dancing. She currently resides in San Diego, CA.