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Team Behavioral Preferences Map

A Report Comparing all Your Team Members’ Individual Preferences

About Behavioral Preferences

Behavioral Preferences (also called Cultural Values) are preferences people have for how they navigate life. These values indicate how people prefer to interact, communicate, plan, and complete tasks. There are no right or wrong preferences.

Effective Teammates know how to flex their behavior to accommodate different teammate preferences.  

Effective Leaders know how to accommodate team member preferences when leading the team.

“It was like a light went on and I saw that my boss was not being purposely obscure – that’s just the way her brain is wired! She’s a super indirect communicator!”

“I’ve learned that when I deal with my High Uncertainty Avoidance Teammates I need to slow down and focus on the details – then things go better!”

What You Should Know

How Does It Work?

  1. Purchase the Team Map license – $199 $99 + $40 per Team Member*
  2. Log in or register for an account in our Learning Portal if not already registered
  3. On your dashboard, set up the Team and invite participants
  4. Each Team Member registers in our Portal and completes an individual Behavioral Preferences assessment. Each Team member gets an individual feedback report.
  5. Everyone gets a Team Behavioral Preferences Map – a detailed feedback report showing and comparing all Team Members on each of the ten Behavioral Preferences spectrums.
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Upgrade to the CQ Pro Assessment Package


Learning about Behavioral Preferences helps you understand why people act the way they do.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) is a proven set of measurable capabilities that give you the ability to flex your own behavior to accommodate others. Take the CQ Pro Assessment and compare your own CQ to worldwide norms.

CQ can be improved over time and it predicts …

With the CQ Pro Assessment and Team Mapping Package you get:

Upgrade to the CQ Pro Package for $199 $99 + $59 per Team Member

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Who we Are

Most people struggle in their dealings with other people because everyone has different ways of working and thinking. Differences in age, ethnicity, national background, or even vocation can all cause conflict or frustration because of opposite approaches to problems.

The Cultural Intelligence Center trains individuals, teams, and leaders to boost their performance by applying Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) to their work and life. CQ® helps deal with interpersonal differences and, when you learn and practice the CQ® model, you become a more effective team member, supervisor, or partner.

Our CQ® training is especially appropriate for new and mid-level managers and supervisors. Research around the world has proved that CQ® is a foundational skill that enhances performance in managing, selling, negotiating, collaborating, creativity, and many other important work and life skills.


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