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The books available for purchase below are a great way to introduce yourself and others to the cutting edge implications of cultural intelligence.

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Most cultural competence programs

The Curious Traveler

See The World. Change Your Life.

This book explores the links between curiosity, cultural intelligence, and travel. Learn how to harness the power of curiosity to make your travel better. Whether it’s discovering a culture through food, navigating different norms for queuing and schedules, or figuring out how to barter, you’ll learn how to discover things about yourself and others that most travelers miss.


Driven by Difference

How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity

This book draws upon the latest research on cultural intelligence to describe how to leverage the power of cultural differences to drive innovation. Based on extensive research and filled with examples and case studies from around the world, learn how to create a strategy for culturally intelligent innovation.


Cultural Intelligence

Leading with Cultural Intelligence

The Real Secret to Success

This book provides an overview of the cultural intelligence model and research, specifically applied to leadership contexts. Filled with case studies and real-life examples, learn how cultural intelligence applies to leaders working in the globalized world of business, education, government, and non-profit organizations.


Cultural Intelligence

Expand Your Borders

Discover Ten Cultural Clusters

This book provides a quick overview of the ten largest cultural clusters in the world: Nordic, Anglo, Germanic, Eastern Europe, Latin Europe, Latin America, Confucian Asia, Southern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Arab. Use this as a quick way to improve your global perspective and refer back to it as a handbook.


Cultural Intelligence

Customs of the World

Using Cultural Intelligence To Adapt, Wherever You Are

This 24-lecture audio/video course covers ten of the cultural differences that are most important to understand. And then you’ll see how they influence customs and behavior across the ten largest cultural clusters in the world. This course is an excellent way to begin the journey toward improved cultural intelligence.


The Cultural Intelligence Difference

The Cultural Intelligence Difference

Master the One Skill You Can’t do Without in Today’s Global Economy

This book is packed with dozens of strategies proven to increase your cultural intelligence (CQ) in the 4 capabilities of CQ. Purchase of the book includes access to the only academically validated CQ assessment in the world.


Digital, Diverse & Divided

How to talk to racists, compete with robots, and overcome polarization

Digital, Diverse & Divided is a book about how to get along with people who have different views than you about topics like politics, religion, gender, and race. Moving beyond awareness and dialogue, the book introduces readers to cultural intelligence as an evidence-based way to work together to address problems facing all of us. COMING SEPTEMBER 2022


White Paper: The Inclusive Culture Pyramid

We live and work in an increasingly globalized and multi-cultural world, and getting to grips with how to lead and manage others who have different, views, values, experiences, lifestyles, and approaches is key to being successful.

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