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We believe our cultural differences can empower us to build a better world.


We are an innovative, research-based training and consulting firm that draws upon empirical findings to help organizations and individuals around the world assess and improve Cultural Intelligence (CQ®).


We provide people with the inspiration and tools to improve their interactions and relationships with clients, colleagues, friends, and family.


We spread the transformative power of Cultural Intelligence by teaching individuals and organizations how to make the most out of culturally diverse situations.

Our mission 

Here at the Cultural Intelligence Center, our mission is to build bridges and remove barriers for working and relating effectively across cultures.

our vision 

We view ourselves as a preferred global partner of choice for assessing and developing cultural intelligence, intercultural effectiveness, and cultural competency.

Women’s Business Enterprise Certified

The Cultural Intelligence Center is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by Great Lakes Women’s Business Council, a WBENC Regional Partner Organization. This certification confirms that CQ Center is majority-owned, operated, and controlled by women.

Our Team

Our people are a team of talents committed to help you unlock the transformative power of Cultural Intelligence, drive positive impact, and make your life better. We believe the work we do can make the world a better place and we are motivated to spread cultural intelligence awareness, training, and development across the globe. Get to know a little more about us and our team below.

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Our core values drive our behavior, culture, and purpose.  Scroll through to learn more.

We are committed
to success. We create great programs that match your individual and organizational needs and teach you how to master the skill of CQ. We succeed when you succeed.
We are passionate
about what we do. Our desire is to do good work that brings about a real change. We believe every new project is our own contribution to making the world a better place. This is what gets us up every day.
We are listeners
to our clients and partners. We listen carefully to understand your needs and give you the right guidance.
We are collaborators
and that is how we do our best work. We are a global team of clear-thinkers and self-improvers with the right attitude, always pursuing the better to deliver the best.
We are diverse & inclusive
Our workplace is a home to all. The talents we cultivate span all races, all ethnicities, all perspectives, all genders, all sexual orientations, all ages.
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In the words of our team members: “Working at the Cultural Intelligence Center makes me feel…”

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About Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

What is CQ?

Most cultural competence programs focus on teaching information about different cultures (e.g. Indians versus Germans; Millennials vs. Boomers). Cultural intelligence takes a different approach. Based on more than twenty years of research across over 100 countries, we know that there are four capabilities that need to be developed in order to relate and work effectively with people from different backgrounds.

Cultural Intelligence begins with CQ Drive—the curiosity and motivation needed to work well with others. Next is CQ Knowledge—understanding the kinds of differences that describe one group versus the next, without resorting to stereotyping specific cultures. Third is CQ Strategy—learning how to plan effectively in light of cultural differences. And finally is CQ Action—being able to adapt behavior when the situation requires it.

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Cultural Intelligence, or CQ,

Getting Started

There are many ways to start your journey toward Cultural Intelligence, and you’ve already started by making it to this page. No matter your need, we have a solution that will get you started on your journey toward Cultural Intelligence. Do you have bigger aspirations such as a training program for your team or organization? Schedule a 15-minute meeting today to discuss more or simply start a website chat session with one of Customer Relationship Specialists during normal business hours EST (click the thought bubble in the lower right corner to initiate a chat).

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Cultural Intelligence

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The Cultural Intelligence Center is an innovative, research-based training and consulting firm that draws upon empirical findings to help organizations and individuals assess and improve cultural intelligence (CQ)-the ability to work effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, age groups, and more. We create programs, workshops, certifications, and multiple-languages assessments that are industry-specific and tailored to help people acquire CQ capabilities and harness their transformative powers in every aspect of their lives. Headquartered in the United States, our globally diverse team of experts and trainers serves clients all over the world to help everyone, everywhere unlock the power of CQ. More information about the Cultural Intelligence Center can be found on our website at www.CulturalQ.com.


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