Let’s Raise Your CQ

We provide innovative, engaging, research-based workshops, tools, resources and courses, which are brought-to-life using effective learning and development strategies. In addition, we are happy to work with you to provide programs that are tailored to your organization and needs.


Receive personal feedback about your intercultural effectiveness with our self and multi-rater assessments.

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Detailed, interactive and based on the same rigorous research as all our training and certification offerings. E-Learning courses are an excellent way to debrief an assessment or provide training to anyone.

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Certifications and Train-The-Trainer

Get accredited to use the cultural intelligence tools by attending one of our upcoming certification and train-the-trainer programs or through a customized, in-house certification.

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We have a series of face-to-face workshops that are based on proven strategies for building cultural intelligence across your organization.

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Periodically, we hold live webinars with experts and knowledgeable panelists who demonstrate key CQ concepts, products, case-studies and more. Register for upcoming webinars or view recorded past sessions here.

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The Cultural Intelligence Center

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

For years, the case has been that more diversity equals improved organizational performance. But you can’t expect diverse groups to work together effectively and improve performance if they lack the skills to do so. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the foundation and strategic link that ensures DEI efforts lead to meaningful and sustainable results.

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Looking for CQ for your Organization?

Are you looking to assess and improve the effectiveness of your company, team, classroom, or other organized group? Take a look at our organizational-based solutions, or learn more here.

CQ for Business

Whether you’re a small, mid-size, or large company, we will work with you to equip your leaders, teams, and staff to simultaneously advance the values and needs of your organization while adapting to the cultures touched by your organization.

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CQ for Education

Whether you want to assess students’ intercultural competence, improve your study abroad program, or develop a strategy for building a culturally intelligent campus, we have a variety of research-based solutions to meet your needs.

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CQ for Government

We work with federal, state, and local government agencies to develop a strategy for developing culturally intelligent communities.

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