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We provide innovative, engaging, research-based workshops, tools, resources and courses, which are brought-to-life using effective learning and development strategies. In addition, we are happy to work with you to provide programs that are tailored to your organization and needs.


Receive personal feedback about your intercultural effectiveness with our self and multi-rater assessments.

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Detailed, interactive and based on the same rigorous research as all our training and certification offerings. E-Learning courses are an excellent way to debrief an assessment or provide training to anyone.

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Certifications (Train the Trainer)

Get accredited to use the cultural intelligence tools by attending one of our upcoming certification and train-the-trainer programs or through a customized, in-house certification.

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We have a series of face-to-face workshops that are based on proven strategies for building cultural intelligence across your organization.

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Periodically, we hold live webinars with experts and knowledgeable panelists who demonstrate key CQ concepts, products, case-studies and more. Register for upcoming webinars or view recorded past sessions here.

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Looking to improve the effectiveness of your team?

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Want to improve your own intercultural effectiveness?

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We’re happy to help! Let us put together a custom program for you to meet your needs.

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