MyUB™: Recognize and Manage Bias

This one-hour, e-learning course provides real life examples and practical strategies for minimizing biased actions and decision making. Based on the proven research about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), MyUB™ helps learners build awareness, develop strategies for managing bias, and ultimately reduce the application of bias in the workplace and beyond.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a proven way to manage the negative impact of bias. MyUB™ will teach the learner how to use CQ to:

  1. Sustain the commitment to manage bias
  2. Recognize bias in self and others
  3. Develop the skills to interrupt bias
  4. Create an action plan

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  • Fast-Paced: One-hour course divided into 5-10 minute modules for bite-sized learning
  • Interactive: Exercises, activities, and videos to engage learners of all types
  • Relevant: Real examples and tangible strategies for same-day application
  • Scalable: Excellent for executives, administrators, front line employees, students, and individuals
  • Accessible: Mobile friendly access through a secure online portal. Course available in the English and French language

The course can be used as a stand-alone or as part of a blended learning approach. It also includes a pre and post assessment to monitor a learner’s progress in managing bias.

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Complimentary Cultural Intelligence for Leaders Packet

Learn to Lead with Cultural Intelligence

Now, more than ever, companies needs effective leaders at all levels of the organization. Being able to bring together and get the best out of team members from different generations, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic roots, countries, religions and educational backgrounds requires a Culturally Intelligent Leader.

We have put together a collection of Cultural Intelligence leadership articles written by social scientist, speaker and author Dr. David Livermore.  The article topics include:

  • 5 Questions Culturally Intelligent Leaders Ask Themselves Every Day
  • Leadership Advice You Should Ignore
  • How Culturally Intelligent Leaders Make Decisions

About the Author

David Livermore, PhD (Michigan State University) is a social scientist devoted to the topics of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of several award-winning books. Learn more about Dr. David Livermore by visiting his website.

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