MyUB®: Recognize and Manage Bias

This one-hour, e-learning course provides real life examples and practical strategies for minimizing biased actions and decision making. Based on the proven research about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), MyUB® helps learners build awareness, develop strategies for managing bias, and ultimately reduce the application of bias in the workplace and beyond.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a proven way to manage the negative impact of bias. MyUB® will teach the learner how to use CQ to:

  1. Sustain the commitment to manage bias
  2. Recognize bias in self and others
  3. Develop the skills to interrupt bias
  4. Create an action plan

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  • Fast Paced: One-hour course divided into 5-10 minute modules for bite sized learning
  • Interactive: Exercises, activities, and videos to engage learners of all types
  • Relevant: Real examples and tangible strategies for same day application
  • Scalable: Excellent for executives, administrators, front line employees, students and individuals
  • Accessible: Mobile friendly access through a secure online portal

The course can be used as a stand-alone or as part of a blended learning approach. It also includes a pre and post assessment to monitor a learner’s progress in managing bias.

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