Trying to figure out how to secure business as a freelance CQ Certified Facilitator can be challenging, so let’s help each other out! Here are a few tips I’ve found useful in my journey.

Tip 1: Build a Network
Connectivity and relationships can open many kinds of opportunities. In the past two years I’ve intentionally built my network through social media, professional memberships, and relational connections, and this has led to all kinds of interesting opportunities to teach, speak, and expand my network even further.

Tip 2: Offer Free Events (in moderation!)

Free events help gain visibility and credibility. It is also a good opportunity for potential clients to see you in action. A couple of tricks to this:

1- Don’t give everything away in a free event, otherwise the listener won’t feel curious to know more.

2- Know your limits—you don’t want to do so many free events that you don’t have enough time to pursue profitable opportunities.

Tip 3: Lead to More
Selling a one-off session is great, but how can you make that lead to more? My CQ mentor Anne Cobuzzi taught me to say, “this is just the beginning of the journey—what next steps are you going to take?” The answer could lead to consultations, monthly topic sessions, etc.

Tip 4: Share Your Outcomes
Tell potential clients about the outcomes others have experienced as a direct result of your work. I share specific examples and quotes from people I’ve worked with that show what difference our collaboration has made in their relationships and work.

Tip 5: Referrals
Direct referrals are probably the most powerful movement-generating resource I’ve experienced, because qualified leads who connect through a trusted source tend to be genuinely interested. Ask companies and individuals if they know of others who might benefit from your services and ask if they would connect you.

These are a few of the strategies I’ve learned for doing business as a CQ Certified Facilitator—I’d love to hear yours!


Headshot of Author Kelly PinarKelly Pınar Goodwin is an intercultural trainer who has lived and worked around the world and now lives in Türkiye while operating her business globally. At Culture Savvy, she pairs her local knowledge with research-based solutions proven to increase productivity and effectiveness in cross-cultural environments.
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