Where it all began…

Our UK account manager, Polly Collingridge, sat down recently with our CEO Dr Linn Van Dyne and advanced CQ facilitator and coach, Mika Holborow. They had a conversation about the relevance of Cultural Intelligence for anyone working in the field of global mobility or anyone who has relocated internationally.

It may not be a well-known fact, but the problems experienced by global mobility professionals were the catalyst for Dr Linn Van Dyne’s original Cultural Intelligence research.

In this post-Covid world there is an increasing recognition that the success of an international move depends on support that extends beyond logistics – it’s not just about moving belongings and securing visas.

Adjusting to different cultures requires a psychological transition which can take its toll on our wellbeing and ability to perform. We also know the importance of effective communication, inclusion and belonging on our ability to thrive and do our best work. This can be especially challenging when we are living and working across cultural divides.

During the conversation they discussed all this and more, including:

  • How Cultural Intelligence can help to solve the biggest challenges associated with international relocations – the misunderstandings and conflicts that can result in decreased employee satisfaction and performance and, ultimately, the high cost of a failed assignment.
  • Why a greater understanding of Cultural Intelligence and cultural values is important not only for someone who has just arrived in a different culture, but also for their new team members.
  • Some top tips for global mobility professionals and anyone about to embark on an international move.

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