Want to learn how Harvard, Avalara, and others have integrated CQ into their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work?

Join Dr. Sandra Upton, VP, Global Diversity Practice at the CQ Center as she talks with our global partners and DEI leaders in corporate, education, health care about how they are using CQ as a DEI strategy.​

Participants will learn:​

  • How CQ is a proven solution for DEI work
  • How our corporate and education partners are integrating CQ into their DEI work​
  • Other best practices and strategies for becoming more culturally intelligent organization​

Join us for this 1-hour impactful and free webinar.


Dr. Sandra Upton

VP, Global Diversity Practices

CQ Center


Ovell Barbee

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity Officer

Spectrum Health Systems

Tara Hastings

Engagement and Diversity Program Lead


Tracie Jones

Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Marsha Ramroop

Communities and Inclusion Editor

BBC Leicester United Kingdom

Founder Director, Unheard Voice Consultancy Ltd