During the webinar Keyla Waslawski (Senior Vice President) will interview Dr. Devan Ford (Program Director – DEI, at MD Anderson Cancer Center) and Ana Pujols-McKee (MD, FACP and former Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Joint Commission) to discuss Cultural Intelligence and how it can solve for some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, including turnover and retention, onboarding and education, and culturally appropriate patient relations.

During the webinar, participants will learn:

  • Some of the main challenges in health and in health equity
  • How we can leverage Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Cultural Values (CVs) to navigate these challenges
  • What resources are available for leaders to help facilitate effective and equitable onboarding and education
  • What better patient care can look like when health systems invest in the development of the cultural intelligence of their people