More than 1,000 journal articles by scholars and research teams from all over the world have shown the validity of the CQ Assessment and have shown that Cultural Intelligence predicts work performance, leadership effectiveness, creativity, and a host of other skills.

What is the difference between individuals and organizations that are effective in today’s multicultural, globalized world and those that fail?

Going beyond existing notions of cultural sensitivity and awareness, CQ captures the capabilities of individuals and organizations that successfully and respectfully accomplish their objectives, whatever the cultural context.

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CQ Model

Earley and Ang built on Sternberg and Detterman’s multiple loci framework on intelligence to argue that intelligence must go beyond mere cognitive abilities. Ang and Van Dyne developed an initial nomological network of predictors and outcomes of the four key CQ capabilities:

CQ Drive (Motivational CQ): the level of a person’s interest, persistence, and confidence to function in culturally diverse settings.

CQ Knowledge (Cognitive CQ): the level of a person’s understanding about how cultures are similar and how they are different.

CQ Strategy (Meta-cognitive CQ): the degree to which a person plans for, remains aware during, and checks after multicultural interactions.

CQ Action (Behavioral CQ): the extent of a person’s flexibility and appropriate use of a broad repertoire of behaviors and skills during multicultural encounters.

Cultural Research Overview

Request a copy of our Research Guide document.  In the document we take a deep dive into how we conduct our research and cover the following key areas:

  • Conceptualization of Cultural Intelligence
  • Development and Validation of the Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS)
  • Psychometric Properties of CQS
  • Outcomes of Cultural Intelligence
  • Specific CQ Research Studies
  • CQ Research Brief


The History of the Cultural Intelligence Scale
(CQs and E-CQs)

Cultural Intelligence Outcomes

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