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Nicholas Leone

Account Manager • Sales and Marketing

Cultural Intelligence Center

Nick Leone is an Account Manager with the Cultural Intelligence Center. Nick’s journey has taken him through various landscapes of professional disciplines, equipping him with a diverse range of experiences. He’s here to build and nurture client relationships, provide responsive and insightful customer support, and uphold service quality that exceeds expectations.

Originally from Michigan, Nick holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Beyond his professional pursuits, Nick spends most of his time with his family including his wife, two young boys and their two dogs. Together, they embark on family adventures, explore the outdoors, maintain an active lifestyle, and enjoy cooking as a family.

Ellen Dyla

Senior Account Manager • Sales

Cultural Intelligence Center

Ellen Dyla is our Senior Business Consultant. She is responsible for client support and relations, as well as company marketing and communication initiatives. Before CQC, Ellen held Business Development and Account Management roles for startups and IT companies. She’s passionate about helping her clients while also growing productive and effective teams internally.

Ellen graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Economics and a Specialization Chinese and Asian Studies. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her daughter, stay active, enjoy the outdoors, and cook.

Iva Jablan

General Manager, Netherlands (EU)

Cultural Intelligence Center

Iva is our General Manager for Europe. She is focused on setting up our new office in Amsterdam, from where she will be a direct point of contact for customers all around Europe. She is responsible for business development as well as marketing and communications.

Born and raised in Montenegro, Iva was always curious about different cultures – so she left Montenegro when she was 18. She lived in Italy, then in France, and now she is located in, the Netherlands. Iva obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics, Management, and Finance from Bocconi University and her Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Business Development from Skema Business School. Her previous career was focused on Business Development and Account Management in Lighting and SaaS industries.

On a personal note, Iva is an animal lover who loves puzzles, board games, and video games. What she loves the most is spending time with her husband and her adorable dog Kobi.

Polly Collingridge

Account Manager • Sales – International

Cultural Intelligence Center

Polly Collingridge is Account Manager in our UK subsidiary, supporting our UK Chief Operating Officer to build the business in the UK.

Polly has many years’ experience selling international rights in book publishing, and has also worked in sales and service delivery roles within global mobility and employee wellbeing. Most recently she has been a freelance intercultural trainer and is a CQ Certified Facilitator. She has an MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology and a degree in Italian and Spanish. Although she was born and (mostly) raised in London, she has also lived in Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA.

Polly has always been fascinated by different languages and cultures – even teaching herself the basics of Esperanto at the age of 10! Polly is passionate about the role of CQ in helping us work towards a more equitable society in which we all understand each other a little better.

Kelsey Dery

Senior Account Manager

Cultural Intelligence Center

Kelsey is our Senior Account Manager. In this role, her focus is on managing and growing existing education partnerships in North America. She is responsible for developing current relationships by matching and aligning client’s needs with appropriate solutions and demonstrating how our research-based products and services can resolve their needs. A graduate from Grand Valley State University, she earned a B.A. in Communications and has a background working with startup companies as well as experience working in the legal world. In her free time, she loves reading, watching movies and spending time outdoors.