I’m writing a new book on cultural intelligence (CQ) and I need your help coming up with a title. Some of you might find it hard to believe that I actually have more to say about this topic but unlike my previous books on CQ that have primarily emphasized what CQ is and how it relates to non-profit and business leaders, this book reports on some of the latest CQ research discoveries and then most of it is about how to improve your CQ in the 4 areas of CQ. With the purchase of the book, readers will receive access to our online CQ assessment and the book will help them know how to make use of the results.

The working title is Cultural Intelligence 2.0: Tested Strategies for Improving your CQ. (Very descriptive but not very interesting!!). It’s due to release in April or May of 2011. The challenge with this genre is the need to be somewhat descriptive while also using some creativity. And in the world of google and online book sellers, some mention of “cultural intelligence” and/or “CQ” in the title is important since this is a specific intelligence-based approach to international and multicultural work.

So now that I gave you all those parameters, I’d love to hear any ideas you might have. Ultimately, the publisher makes the final call on this but if your title idea gets chosen, I’ll send you a personalized copy of the book, a reference to you in the acknowledgements, and a $50 gift card to Amazon.

I’m offline this month finishing up the writing and taking some vacation. But I’ll look forward to any suggestions that come in between now and mid-August. Let the brainstorming begin!