Introducing CQ® Leadership Academy

The CQ® Leadership Academy is an exclusive 6-month virtual certification program that combines our gold standard research-based methodology, assessments, strategies, certification programs, and digital tools. The program allows leaders to expand their professional networks, learn from other executives, and gain insights from the CQ experts. Completion of the program will result in a customized CQ Organizational Roadmap which can be  used to implement culturally intelligent strategies inside your institution or organization. CQ® Leadership Academy is open to no more than 15 participants at a time.

Watch and hear directly from our Facilitator’s as they answer questions about CQ® Leadership Academy and break down how the cohort will work.  If you want to jump ahead in the video, below is a listing of the questions that they discuss along with the time in the video.


  • Introduction
  • What is the Cultural Intelligence Center? (1:55 mark)
  • What is the CQ® Leadership Academy? (4:28 mark)
  • Who should attend the CQ® Leadership Academy and why? (5:50 mark)
  • Why should I care about Cultural Intelligence and why is that important? (7:03)
  • As a participant, how do certifications help you? (8:33 mark)
  • What differentiates the Cultural Intelligence Center approach to manage Unconscious Bias? (11:46 mark)
  • What outcomes can participants anticipate for themselves by being apart of the CQ® Leadership Academy? (13:12 mark)
  • What goes into the CQ Organizational Roadmap? (14:54 mark)

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CQ® Leadership was co-designed by Kristin Ekkens and David Livermore.

Kristin will serve as Master Facilitator for the program and will be supported by Dave, Tina Merry and the Research Team at Cultural Intelligence Center


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