Cultural Intelligence Training for Teams

Receive a complimentary Teams Profile Report that will help you better understand how to interact, communicate, plan, resolve conflict and complete tasks within your Team.  Learn more!

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Introducting Cultural Intelligence for Teams: The science of stress-free teamwork

Cultural Intelligence (or CQ) is a proven solution for effectiveness and productivity and is a measurable way to identify ROI of employee development programs. Our solutions focus on helping teams learn how to optimize collaboration, discover best practices to enhance team processes, and develop action plans to transfer their learning into everyday interactions with their peers and colleagues.  

  • Cultural Intelligence (or CQ) is a measurable form of intelligence that can help us predict successful outcomes of diverse teams including collaboration, productivity, idea sharing, creativity, and more.
  • Hundreds of thousands of individuals from over 168 countries have taken the evidence based CQ Assessment to measure their intercultural effectiveness and to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those they interact with daily

Receive a Complimentary Cultural Values Team Report for your team

Learn more about your own team with a COMPLIMENTARY Cultural Values Team Report, which will help answer questions like:

  • Why does my boss communicate the way they do?
  • Why does my colleague show up late to meetings?
  • Why do I struggle coming to a decision without a consensus?
  • What are the major difference between team members?

You can receive the answers to these questions, any many more, in one easy Cultural Values Team Report. 
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The Cultural Intelligence Center is an innovative, evidence-based solutions provider that draws upon empirical findings to help organizations and individuals assess and improve cultural intelligence (CQ)-the ability to work effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, age groups, and more. We create programs, workshops, certifications, and multiple-language assessments that are industry-specific and tailored to help people acquire CQ capabilities and harness their transformative powers in every aspect of their lives. Headquartered in the United States, our globally diverse team of experts and trainers serves clients all over the world to help everyone, everywhere unlock the power of CQ. More information about the Cultural Intelligence Center can be found on our website at


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