Mikkel Hougaard Orlovski

Mikkel Hougaard Orlovski is a CQ Consultant and Associate Facilitator with 15 years of experience in developing leaders, teams, and organizations. Mikkel has spent his career as internal consultant in both private companies and public institutions, with a primary focus of harnessing the potential of diversity through developing the Cultural Intelligence of leaders and organizations. Mikkel is currently an independent consultant in Diversity HR Partner and has previously assisted the Cultural Intelligence Center develop its CQ Talent product.

Mikkel is originally from Denmark, has family from the Balkans and has lived and worked in France. His upbringing in the most ethnically diverse area of Copenhagen has given Mikkel a passion and instinct for how to navigate in culturally diverse settings and bring people together, who approach their interactions from very different starting points.

Mikkel is specialized in HR processes and how to integrate CQ with the every-day activities and processes of a modern, global organization. His background is within Intercultural Psychology and Communication, which has been complemented with a range of HR tools, psychometric test capabilities, systemic consultancy training and educations within strategy & leadership development.

On a personal note, Mikkel is a sports-nut and musician, playing football (the soccer-version) and guitar as much as he can get away with.