Ed Ramsami

Ed Ramsami is passionate about using communication as a catalyst for change. He is a public speaker and facilitator who specializes in assisting individuals and teams move towards inclusivity in this diverse world. His skillset lies in his ability to engage clients and give them the necessary tools to bring about change by shifting their perspective.

Ed’s cultural sensitivity, honed from his extensive travel and consultancy with clients across five continents enables him to speak to, and find common ground with a diverse group of clients. By providing innovative and research-based solutions, Ed is able to assist clients in creating inclusive environments that add value, and are people-centric, engaged, innovative, profitable and connected. As a facilitator, he creates warm and
vibrant learning environments that engage the client by using relational, anecdotal and sometimes humorous experiences.

His optimistic outlook and approach to problem solving allows him to guide clients through the learning curve of the course and activate the potential that is within them. A firm believer in collaboration, he encourages clients to work together to unpack problems and find the tools and solutions that will work in each situation.