Next Public CQ Certification – Dubai, Sept. 25-28

Get certified to use the world’s only academically validated tool for measuring cultural intelligence by attending Level 1 and 2 CQ Certification in Dubai. As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Dubai is the perfect context to gain access to using CQ products and tools.

What is Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?
The capability to work and relate effectively in a variety of cultural contexts, including national, ethnic, organizational, generational and more.  It’s a whole new way of approaching cross-cultural effectiveness, both domestic and global.

Benefits of Certification

  • Certified to use the only academically validated measurement of CQ
  • Equipped to use the CQ model and assessments at your institution
  • Exclusive pricing for the CQ Assessments
  • Network with CQ Certified professionals around the world
  • Access to exclusive communication and events for CQ Certified professionals
  • Equipped to teach the Developing Cultural Intelligenceworkshop (Level 2 Only)
  • Access to additional tools and resources (Cultural Values Profile, new research, etc.)

Academic Validity and Research
More than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles by global scholars and research teams document the scientific knowledge about CQ. Earley, Ang, & Van Dyne built on Sternberg and Detterman’s framework of multiple loci of intelligence to argue that intelligence must go beyond mere cognitive abilities. Emotional intelligence and leadership skills work great when you’re in a familiar environment. CQ helps you apply your skills effectively in culturally diverse settings. Download a summary of additional information on reliability, factor structure, and validity of CQ.

**Seats are limited – Reserve your spot today! Click here for more information and to register online.**

CQ is an ongoing education

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