Add the globally recognized CQ and Unconscious Bias Certifications to your credentials and join a network of Certified professionals from over 40 countries! Our certification and train-the-trainer programs will equip you to use and distribute our world-class, research-based tools.

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Organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies are realizing that cultural intelligence is more than just a “nice-to-have” – it is the difference between success and failure in today’s multicultural and globalized world. Our certification and train-the-trainer programs will allow you to gain access to the full suite of CQ assessments and a variety of training programs.

David provided thought leadership on CQ in addition to the course certification content and delivered it in a very approachable way. The course became, in turn, immediately applicable and relevant to my work as a CQ Consultant.

Emily Mathews
Advanced CQ Certified Facilitator

CQ Certification (Level 1)

Certified to use the only academically valid measurement of CQ

Equipped to use the CQ model and assessments

Exclusive pricing for the CQ Assessments

Network with CQ Certified professionals around the world

Access to exclusive communication and events for CQ Certified professionals

Cultural Intelligence Train-the-Trainer (Level 2)

Equipped to teach the Developing Cultural Intelligence Workshop

Equipped to promote CQ and help organizations develop an overall strategy for building cultural intelligence

Full set of materials for teaching our most popular workshop (assessments purchased separately)

Equipped to facilitate an interactive, scenario-based session that is successful in organizations across the world

Access to exclusive communication and events for Developing CQ Workshop facilitators

Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer

Certified to teach the  Unconscious Bias Workshop

Full set of materials for offering a distinctive, research-based approach to unconscious bias (assessments purchased separately)

Equipped to use the Cultural Values Profile to address unconscious bias

Access to exclusive communication and events for Unconscious Bias Certified Unconscious Bias professionals

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