New Tools Available for Corporate Partners!

Are you researching what intercultural assessment to use with your leadership, managers, and workforce? Are you trying to measure how effective your team or organization is at working and relating with people from other cultures?

We offer assessments in two distinct areas: Cultural Values and Cultural Intelligence. Additionally, select assessments now offer feedback reports that show your preferences in cultural values as compared to global clusters or US domestic clusters.



All assessments are available in English, and select assessments are also available in Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Contact us for more information on using assessments in other languages.

Finally, new as of 2018, we are offering MyCQTMMyCQTM is an online assessment and training tool that provides learning and development in CQ and its relevance to working across culturally diverse situations. This can be a stand-alone program for your third shift employees or part of a blended learning program! Click here for more information and to learn more!

CQ is an ongoing education

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