Healthcare Bias Training Options - Stay In Touch

We plan to start scheduling 1 and 2 hour Healthcare Bias Training webinars and eLearnings starting in May.  Sign up below to be alerted to when the trainings become available and receive a coupon for 35% off the retail price.

Fill out the short form below and we will let you know (via email) when our 1 and 2 hour training sessions are available.  As a reminder, we will offer a 1-hour webinar style training for those that need 1 hour of Implicit Bias training.  We will offer a 2-hour training session that will consist of a webinar (1 hr) and eLearning (1 hr) for those that need 2 hours of Implicit Bias training.  Both versions will fulfill the LARA training requirements for Implicit Bias in healthcare.

We will also send you a coupon for 35% off of the retail price of either training option.

Thank you for all that you do!