CQ Summit

Event Overview

  • Format Face to Face, Public
  • Duration 1.5 Days
  • Price Summit only – $595.00 (Discounts apply for combining certification programs with Summit)

CQ Summit 2019: Scaling New Heights

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting three regional CQ Summits in 2019. The summit will be offered during three different weeks globally, along with all three of our certification programs: CQ Level 1, CQ Level 2, and Managing Unconscious Bias.

The summit is offered in 3 locations around the world during a week-long program that also offers all 3 certifications.

Download the Summit Brochure for more information.


Plan to join us for one or all of the programs offered during the summit weeks at the following cost structure:

CQ Certification Level 1 – $2,095.00 USD
CQ Certification Level 2 – $2,595.00 USD
Unconscious Bias – $2,095.00 USD
CQ Summit only – $595.00 USD
CQ Summit added on to a certification program – $450.00 USD
Enjoy the full week (three certification programs and CQ Summit) – $5,350.00 USD

Additional Information

Schedule & Objectives

Full Week Schedule at a Glance

We’ve scheduled the summit so that those who have been certified before can pick up one or more of one of the certification programs.

  • Attend one of the programs you haven’t attended yet to expand your portfolio of resources (e.g. Unconscious Bias and/or CQ Level 2 Certification).
  • Get a refresher in a program you’ve attended previously. For example, the CQ Level 2 program will cover a fully updated, enhanced version of the Developing Cultural Intelligence Workshop.


8 Sept, 2019

Morning: Level 1 CQ Certification

Afternoon: Level 1 CQ Certification


9 Sept, 2019

Morning: Level 1 CQ Certification

Afternoon: Level 2 CQ Certification


10 Sept, 2019

Morning: Level 2 CQ Certification

Afternoon: Level 2 CQ Certification


11 Sept, 2019

Morning: Level 2 CQ Certification

Afternoon: CQ Summit


12 Sept, 2019

Morning: CQ Summit

Afternoon: CQ Summit


13 Sept, 2019

Morning: Unconscious Bias Certification

Afternoon: Unconscious Bias Certification


14 Sept, 2019

Morning: Unconscious Bias Certification

Complimentary Cultural Intelligence for Leaders Packet

Learn to Lead with Cultural Intelligence

Now, more than ever, companies need effective leaders at all levels of the organization. Being able to bring together and get the best out of team members from different generations, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic roots, countries, religions, and educational backgrounds requires a Culturally Intelligent Leader.

We have a collection of Cultural Intelligence leadership articles written by social scientist, speaker, and author Dr. David Livermore.  The article topics include:

  • 5 Questions Culturally Intelligent Leaders Ask Themselves Every Day
  • Leadership Advice You Should Ignore
  • How Culturally Intelligent Leaders Make Decisions

About the Author

David Livermore, PhD (Michigan State University) is a social scientist devoted to the topics of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of several award-winning books. Learn more about Dr. David Livermore by visiting his website.

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