Culture Matters at Talent 2025

Our corporate team was surprised by the level of interest in the Culture Matters, Managing Unconscious Bias Workshop hosted by Michigan’s Talent 2025 and co-facilitated by the CQ Center’s Kristin Ekkens, and Lola Audu. We typically do this workshop with small groups of 12-24. This past month, Talent 2025 hosted two sessions with a combined 176 participants attending!

One area that resonated with participants was how to manage Unconscious Bias in their own organization. 

We got great feedback from  when we asked, “After doing this training, what actions are you personally going to take in your organization? Some responses given were:

  • “Bringing consistency in our interview process” 
  • “Try to get our cross-cultural team to think about how our differences are effecting our ability to work together” 
  • “Expand our definition of diversity to include experience and thought”
  • “Develop a plan to implement things learned today within our organization” 

A big thanks to the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Group at Talent 2025, and all of the participants at our workshops!  

If you’re interested in developing a plan to engage your organization in managing Unconscious Bias, contact us today! 

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