CQ Summit 2019

Every couple years we hold a global summit to convene international leaders and researchers to take the work of cultural intelligence further. In order to make the summit more accessible to you, we’re now offering it at 3 global locations and times. The overall focus will be the same at each summit with some regional specific emphasis included at each site. The CQ Summit is only open to invited guests and CQ Certified professionals. All three certifications will also be offered at each summit location.

Dates and Locations (including certification programs offered at each site) include the following:

  • Kuala Lumpur | 25-31 January, 2019
  • London | 10-16 April, 2019
  • Chicago | 8-14 September, 2019

Registration has opened and each location is already filling up. Secure your spot today!



CQ is an ongoing education

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