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Episode 2 – Cultural Intelligence and Effective Teams

The Cultural Intelligence Center is excited to announce that we are launching a Podcast series dedicated to Cultural Intelligence.  We have partnered with former BBC journalist and CQ Associate Facilitator, Marsha Ramroop, to produce and moderate the episodes.

For our 2nd episode, Marsha sits down with CQ experts and practitioners Tadala Kolawole and Amri Johnson to discuss the impact Cultural Intelligence can have on effective teams.  They will also discuss topics such as:

  • How a broken team can be mended
  • How CQ can elevate difficult conversations at personal and system levels
  • How you can dial up and down behaviors for overall effectiveness

Our complimentary podcast series is via Spotify.  We hope you enjoy this new medium for learning about CQ.  We will announce more episodes in the near future!

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More About Cultural Intelligence And Our Podcast

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