White Paper: 5 Tips for Becoming a Culturally Intelligent Speaker

Whether you’re presenting virtually or in person, your diverse audience matters most.  Read the white paper authored by David Livermore, Ph.D.


“Culturally intelligent presenters spend as much time considering how to get audience participation as they do developing the content.”

Author Dr. David Livermore of the Cultural Intelligence Center explores 5 key characteristics that leaders and influencers use to be culturally intelligent speakers.

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We would like to thank our partner Toastmasters International for helping to create this informative and engaging White Paper.  The White Paper first appeared in the October 2022 Toastmaster magazine.


The white paper explores 5 key characteristics for becoming a culturally intelligent speaker which include:

  1. Prepare content….but revise the “why” and the “logical” order of the presentation
  2. Demonstrate passion.….but adjust the level of charisma and enthusiasm
  3. Invite questions and comments.….but offer multiple ways for audience participation
  4. Inject humor.….but vet it with a trusted “cultural advisor” ahead of time
  5. Be authentic….but don’t overdo it

To read the entire white paper, fill out our contact form below!


David Livermore, PhD (Michigan State University) is a social scientist devoted to the topics of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of several award-winning books, including Leading with Cultural Intelligence, Driven by Difference, and Serving with Eyes Wide Open. His new book, Digital, Diverse & Divided, addresses one of the most pressing issues of our day–how to overcome polarization in our personal and professional relationships.

David is a founder of the Cultural Intelligence Center in East Lansing, Michigan, and a visiting research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He consults with global organizations around the world, including the Harvard Business School, Google, Coca-Cola, the US Department of Defense, BMW, Qatar Airways, the United Nations, and dozens more. He has traveled to more than one hundred countries and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He also serves on several boards.

David loves to make social science accessible to practitioners. He has been interviewed and referenced by myriad news sources, including The Atlantic , CBS News, Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, Forbes, NBC, the New York Times, USA Today, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal , and the South China Post.

David and his wife, Linda, have two adult daughters, Emily and Grace. Emily is embarking on a career as a litigation lawyer, and Grace is a graphic designer. Some of their favorite family activities are traveling (fortunately!) and discovering new foods together.

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