Learn to use the transformative power of Cultural Intelligence to accelerate your career!

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) describes eight Career Readiness Core Competencies that students and early-career professionals need to be successful in the workplace. These competencies include soft skills such as equity and inclusion, teamwork, leadership and more.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a proven life skill that students & early career professionals can leverage to showcase the skills employers are seeking.

During the webinar Keyla Waslawski (Senior Vice President, the Cultural Intelligence Center) interviews Maggie Mahoney, Ed.D. (Global Education and Higher Education Professional at the University of Houston) and Kendra Ansotigue (University Technical Recruiter, Visa) to discuss Cultural Intelligence and how it can be leveraged to overcome some common early career challenges such as “imposter syndrome”, confidence in a new role, and the ability to promote environments of equity & inclusion.

During the webinar, participants will learn:

  • Some of the biggest challenges facing students and early career professionals
  • How we can leverage Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Cultural Values (CVs) to navigate these challenges
  • What does “career ready” look like
  • What resources are available for students and educators to help accelerate career readiness
  • Best Practices to promote soft skills employers are seeking

After viewing the webinar, be sure to check out:

CQ Credential:  A Masterclass in Equity & Inclusion –  This online masterclass leverages the research-based CQ framework to help students and early-career professionals overcome challenges and showcase their soft skills with a shareable, digital-certificate they can place on their social media accounts and resumes. Learn more or purchase!