Enhance your evidence-based hiring practices with the backing of 20 years of research on Cultural Intelligence

Are you interested in learning how Cultural Intelligence can help reduce bias in your hiring process?

Join us for a webinar 22nd of July 2020 to learn about our newest product: the CQ Talent® toolkit. David Livermore PhD., will take a deep dive into the how your organization can enhance your evidence-based hiring practices using Cultural Intelligence. CLICK TO REGISTER.

Join Dave Livermore PhD., President of the Cultural Intelligence Center on 22-July from 1-2 p.m. EDT for a one-hour webinar to hear him speak about how to our new toolkit is being used to leverage Cultural Intelligence for measurable, evidence-based approaches to reduce bias in hiring and to add efficient, creative and innovative diversity to their teams.

Also, we will reveal a new tool designed for use by diversity officers, HR managers, recruiters, and other hiring managers to assess prospective candidates on cultural intelligence (adaptation skills) and cultural values (cultural fit).

This new toolkit is based on our academically validated CQ assessment, with new measures of validity providing supplemental feedback on:

  • Overly Positive Self-Presentation
  • Ethical Work Values
  • Positive Attitude Toward Diversity
  • Psychological Ownership of Work