How Teams Use CQ To Get Stronger

In our Developing Cultural Intelligence Workshop, we facilitate an exercise where participants use their assessments to map their cultural values that impact their interactions at work. When this is done in teams, participants can see how their own values relate to other members on their team. 


This exercise allows individuals to visualize, for instance, how they view authority and decision-making—whether they prefer Low Power Distance which emphasizes equality and shared decision-making, or High Power Distance which emphasizes difference in status and superiors making decisions. We’ve witnessed many “aha!” moments when participants can see where they stack up alongside their peers. 

New Report
Great news! We now have a Group Report and Team Profile feedback report that charts individual names of team members after they’ve taken the CQ Self-Assessment Pro. As with any of our group reports, this requires a minimum of 10 participants. The CQ scores for the group are still aggregated, but the Cultural Values section lists the names of the participants where they fall along the range of cultural values.   

How are teams using this report?
We’re just starting to hear how our clients are using this report to build stronger teams including 

  • Identifying where teams are “clustered.” For instance, if many individuals find themselves with the same Short-Term cultural value orientation, it could be an opportunity to diversify the team by focusing on recruiting team members who have a Long-Term orientation. 
  • Coaching teams who are spread across the cultural value orientation and might be experiencing internal conflict because of those differences. 

We’d love to hear how you and your team have used the mapping exercise or our new report to make your teams more culturally intelligent. If you’d like to find out more about this new report and other ways we can help, be sure to reach out through our contact page. 

CQ is an ongoing education

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