CQ Center Partners with Purdue University to offer First-Ever Free MOOC

In partnership with Purdue University, the CQ Center is offering its first CQ MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) this Fall. The course, which is expected to draw thousands of diverse students from across the globe, will focus on the basics of cultural intelligence (the research, what it is and why it matters) as well as practical strategies for becoming more culturally intelligent in today’s globalized, multicultural world.

Dr. Charles Calahan, Assistant Director for Global Diversity and Faculty Development, comments, “In my role of facilitating global diversity and inclusion with faculty, staff, and students at Purdue University, I am especially appreciative of the partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Center. This partnership brings not only the opportunity to develop Cultural Intelligence (CQ) but to implement and investigate the best practices in transformative education and value added learning.”

Anyone can participate in the MOOC—and it’s free! Additionally, individuals who purchase MyCQ to supplement the course will receive a “CQ Certificate of Completion.” The course starts October 1. Join us!

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