Getting to the starting line.  

On a cold winter’s day in February 2021, after having spent 3 days in London getting skilled up on Cultural Intelligence with my colleague, we walked away asking ourselves, how do we now take this rich content and turn it into positive actions and behaviours and apply it in our places of work? 


First and foremost was to pause and reflect. Three days of learning had been overwhelming with information overload. Creating space for reflections allowed us to process our thoughts and re-organise them into ways we could move forward. 


Next was to think about the products and services we could create which provided education, training and practical experiences, including taking CQ to our community and making it commercially viable.  


We invested 6 months to create our product lines, design proposal frameworks, launch a webinar series, and ultimately create our Masterclass offering.  


So, if you are a new CF, here are my top tips to get you started: 

  • Be clear on why Cultural Intelligence is the key driver to solving your clients’ challenges. 
  • Connect with other CFs and create your community to lean on when support is needed. 
  • Share your CQ insights and reflections on social media platforms such as LinkedIn to grow your personal brand.  
  • Ensure you relate CQ to people’s everyday, so they not only recognise it as an indispensable leadership capability, but also know how to put it into practice.  
  • Keep growing your own CQ capabilities and openly share what your journey looks like. 


Most of all enjoy the journey every step of the way, appreciating the moments, and embracing the experiences along the way. 


Your fellow CF. 

Minaxi Mistry, CEO & Founder, Equality Leaders 


Headshot of author Minaxi MistryMinaxi Mistry is the Founder and CEO of Equality Leaders. She has been championing equality, diversity and inclusion for over 25 years. Having started her career within the publishing industry within a niche space, Minaxi has been fortunate to work with clients across multiple sectors and grown her network globally.  She has been instrumental in devising new and effective diversity and inclusion strategies which had had a positive and real impact in the workplace and society. Connect with her on Linkedin.