Just Released: Developing CQ Workshop 2.0

Our most popular course, the Developing CQ Workshop, just got a face lift! While still maintaining the integrity of the original workshop, this updated version incorporates new insights we’ve learned from our facilitators and partners using this workshop all over the world. Some of the revisions include:

  • Action-based learning focused on a set of specific cultural challenges
  • A 20-page participant guide filled with ongoing resources for continued application in the workplace
  • Completely updated graphic design of slides, participant materials, and facilitator manual
  • An updated and expanded facilitator manual with additional activities and teaching material for a diversity of participants
  • Expanded library of case studies

Developing CQ provides an introduction to the cultural intelligence model and research with a heavy emphasis upon its application for effectively working across domestic and/or international differences. Participants are provided with examples and best practices for using cultural intelligence across their organization and will leave with an action plan for improving their cultural intelligence. In addition, participants develop a set of operating guidelines to address recurring intercultural challenges such as virtual communication, building trust, meeting deadlines, etc.

To learn more about the Developing CQ Workshop and it’s updates, or to host a workshop at your organization, contact us to get started!

CQ is an ongoing education

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