Cultural Intelligence Certification for Organizations

Why Get Certified

Cultural Intelligence Certification is appealing to organizational leaders, human resources professionals, learning & development trainers and those that work with or manage others because our programs start with the individual and are designed to make a team-level impact. We provide participants with an understanding of their own core values and equip them with tangible skills and strategies to help everyone work together more effectively. Our research-based approach provides a quantifiable way to measure individual behavior change, which then translates into overall impact for organizations and teams, turning what was once a challenge into an opportunity for growth.​

More Information about CQ Certification for Organizations

A growing number of organizations are looking for qualified CQ facilitators to help them assess and develop cultural intelligence. CQ provides a model for diagnosing and responding to complex intercultural situations. In addition, CQ can be used to help with the recruiting process, leadership development, improve overall team effectiveness, and provide a framework for employees who work cross-functionally or across cultures. Becoming CQ certified is the first step toward introducing CQ into your organization.​

Bring CQ into your organization

As a CQ Certified Facilitator you will have access to:​

CQ Certification Only:

Ideal for Administering and Debriefing CQ Assessments

CQ Certification + CQ Workshop Bundle:

Ideal for Delivering CQ Specific Workshops

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CQ Certification

CQ Certification deepens your understanding of Cultural Intelligence and the CQ model and how it can be effectively applied in multicultural contexts. It equips you to administer and debrief the CQ assessments. By completing this course, you will be part of a select global audience certified in Cultural Intelligence.​
Prerequisite: None
From $2,995

CQ Refresher

CQ Refresher is an opportunity to attend the CQ Certification course again at a fraction of the price while realizing all of the benefits of being CQ certified.
Prerequisite: CQ Certification
From $595

Developing CQ Workshop Bundle

By completing this bundle, which consists of CQ Certification and CQ Train-the-Trainer, you will become a Certified Facilitator and be equipped to deliver our Developing CQ workshop.
Prerequisite: None
From $4,266

CQ Your Bias Workshop Bundle

By completing this bundle, which consists of CQ Certification and Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer, you will become a Certified Facilitator and be equipped to deliver our CQ Your Bias Workshop.​
Prerequisite: None
From $4,266

Implicit Bias in Healthcare Workshop Bundle

By completing this bundle, which consists of CQ Certification, Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer, and Implicit Bias in Healthcare Train-the-Trainer, you will become a Certified Facilitator and be equipped to deliver our CQ Your Bias and the Implicit Bias in Healthcare Workshops.​
Prerequisite: None
From $4,861

CQ For Teams Workshop Bundle

By completing this bundle, which consists of CQ Certification, CQ Train-the-Trainer, and CQ for Teams Train-the-Trainer, you will become a Certified Facilitator and be equipped to deliver our Developing CQ and CQ for Teams Workshops.  ​
Prerequisite: None
From $4,861

CQ Train-the-Trainer

Cultural Intelligence Train-The-Trainer equips you to deliver our Developing CQ Workshop.​
Prerequisite: CQ Certification
From $2,180

Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer

Unconscious Bias Train-The-Trainer equips you to deliver our CQ Your Bias Workshop.​
Prerequisite: CQ Certification
From $2,180

Implicit Bias in Healthcare Train-the-Trainer

Implicit Bias in Healthcare Train-The-Trainer equips you to deliver our Implicit Bias in Healthcare Workshop.  ​
Prerequisite: CQ Certification, Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer
From $595

CQ For Teams Train-the-Trainer

CQ for Teams Train-The-Trainer equips you to deliver our CQ for Teams Workshop.
Prerequisite: CQ Certification, CQ Train-the-Trainer
From $595

Cultural Intelligence Certification For Trainers

Additional Options

If CQ Certification is not right for you or your organizational training needs, ​there are other ways to explore CQ. We recommend you check out the following:​

Complimentary CQ Resources

Complimentary CQ e-Learning Courses

You can view a sampling of our training courses to learn more about CQ and how our training could fit within your training curriculum:​

Additional Organizational CQ Solutions

Learn more about other CQ solutions for organizations:

 If you have questions, please let us know. We would be happy to have one of our Client Solution Consultants help you with your organizational training questions.​

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