CQ Global Summit (2 Days)

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Summit Agenda

The CQ Global Summit features multiple presentations, panel discussions, events, updates on new products, changes to worldwide norm reporting of CQ scores, best practices for scaling in organizations, and more. View Full Agenda Below.

We are excited to have Joel Francis, CEO of Care to Teach and an Associate Facilitator with CQ Center, as our Master of Ceremonies for the event. Learn more about Joel!

Please note, the summit agenda is subject to change.

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The Cultural Intelligence Center

Summit Registration

The Cultural Intelligence Center

CQ Center Help Desk

CQ Center staff will be available to answer questions about CQ materials, programs, and consulting 

Joel Francis Master Of Ceremonies

Summit Welcome and Session Opening

Joel Francis (MC) and Viviane Vicente – Vice President, Client Experience, Cultural Intelligence Center  

Linn Van Dyne, PhDCEO - Cultural Intelligence Center

Viviane Vicente headshot

Viviane VicenteVice President, Client Experience - Cultural Intelligence Center

Debriefing the New Percentile Feedback Reports

Introducing the most significant enhancements to the CQ feedback reports in years. We are switching from reporting absolute scores to a more easily understood method using percentiles (1-100). We are also adding scores for overall CQ. Dr. Van Dyne will explain the changes, discuss the scoring algorithms, explain how to interpret the new scores, and answer questions. A MUST SEE PRESENTATION FOR ALL ACTIVE CFs.

Samara Hakim Headshot

Samara HakimFounder - CulturGrit, LLC

Making The Case for CQ

Communicating the benefits of CQ to stakeholders in different business segments is always challenging, and this presentation will discuss ways to explain CQ and what it can do. Attendees will learn suggested talking points and discuss how to communicate to different levels in an organization.

Sharon Gai - TEDx Speaker and Cultural Fluidity Expert

Networking lunch

David Livermore, PhDCo-founder - Cultural Intelligence Center

Keynote Address: What’s the Future of Cultural Intelligence?

With more than 20 years of researching and teaching about cultural intelligence, we know a lot about how to assess and develop CQ. In the early years, the focus was almost entirely on international differences and eventually expanded to include diversity efforts at home. But what’s next for CQ? In this keynote, we’ll look at some fascinating themes emerging in the latest research on CQ and talk about how to use CQ to address contemporary issues like AI, increased polarization, global warming, shifting ideas surrounding “diversity” and more.

Linn Van Dyne, PhDCEO - Cultural Intelligence Center Moderator

CQ and Well-being

Employee well-being is a hot topic, and research demonstrates that CQ predicts well-being. A panel of experts will discuss the relationships of CQ with psychological safety, individual well-being, and intellectual honesty. The panel will be moderated by one of the leading global experts on CQ and includes a highly experienced organizational consultant and a senior university professor. Expect new and important insights from the panelists and other members of the audience.

Moderator: Linn Van Dyne, PhD 

Panelists: Andrej Juriga Managing Director, Cultural Bridge; Kristin Joy Ekkens, Founder & CEO, Exponential Inclusion; Michael Goh, PhDProfessor; Campbell Leadership Chair in Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota  

Joel FrancisMaster Of CeremoniesModerator

Idea Exchange

A roundtable discussion around special topics of interest to Certified Facilitators 

Sharon Gai - TEDx Speaker and Cultural Fluidity Expert

Cocktail Reception

The Cultural Intelligence Center

CQ Center Help Desk

CQ Center staff will be available to answer questions about CQ materials, programs, and consulting 

Joel FrancisMaster Of Ceremonies

Summit Day 2 opening

Linn Van Dyne, PhDCEO - Cultural Intelligence CenterModerator

How The CQ Assessment Complements Other Measurement Tools

We regularly get questions about the similarities and differences between the CQ Assessment and other measurement tools such as IDI, DISC, MBTI, and other measurement tools. Panel members (CQ Certified Facilitators) who are also knowledgeable (certified) to use other instruments will discuss similarities, differences, and synergies between CQ and these other tools. Bring your own expertise, questions, and thoughts so you can join the discussion!

Moderator: Linn Van Dyne, PhD 

Panelists: Lauren Dickinson – Associate Program Director, Education Abroad, University of Minnesota; Vicki Harris, Chief People and Culture Officer, Our Daily Bread Ministries; Charles A. Calahan, PhD – Center for Instructional Excellence, Assistant Director for Global Learning, Purdue University; Riki Hay and Olga Moskaleva – Regional Global Engagement Coordinators, Global Learning, Pennsylvania State University

Keyla WaslawskiSenior Vice President - Cultural Intelligence CenterModerator

CQ Success Stories

A panel discussion illustrating how CQ is being implemented in different types of organizations. Panelists will also share lessons learned and solicit ideas from the audience. A big plus of this panel is the contrasting experiences of the panelists who have applied CQ in very different settings. Join us for a lively discussion. 

Moderator: Keyla Waslawski 

Panelists: Karima Ramji Associate Director, International, Indigenous and Strategic Initiatives, University of Victoria, Mickey Wallace Director of Inclusion, HealthWest 

Karl Ostroski

Karl OstroskiSenior Consultant - Slalom

Alice LeongDirector, Inclusion & Diversity - Medline Industries, LP 

Rahn Franklin, PhDVice President of Inclusive Excellence – Bethel University

Robin ShabazzPrincipal and Founder - The Eastledge Group

Segment-Specific Breakout discussions

CQ Certified Facilitators will lead discussions on the challenges and opportunities they have experienced in specific segments (Corporate, Education, and as Independent Consultants). Select the segment that interests you the most and bring your own ideas to the discussion. 

Corporate Hosted by Karl Ostroski – Slalom and Alice Leong, Director, Inclusion & Diversity – Medline Industries, LP 

Education Moderator: Rahn Franklin, PhD Vice President of Inclusive Excellence 

Bethel University. Panelists: Karima Ramji, UVic and Carrie LaFerle, PhD, Professor of Ethics and Culture in Advertising, SMU

Independent Consultants Moderator: Robin Shabazz Principal and Founder, The Eastledge Group; Kristin Joy Ekkens, Founder & CEO, Exponential Inclusion; Kelly Pinar Goodwin, Founder, Culture Savvy

Sharon Gai - TEDx Speaker and Cultural Fluidity Expert

Networking Lunch

David Livermore, PhDCo-Founder - Cultural Intelligence Center

Linn Van Dyne, PhDCEO - Cultural Intelligence Center

Updates on CQ Research

Join these two global CQ pioneers for a review of the most interesting recent research and practical applications of Cultural Intelligence. Linn will discuss the latest academic research and Dave will discuss what is currently going on with practitioners.

David Livermore, PhD and Linn Van Dyne, PhD 

Linn Van Dyne, PhDCEO - Cultural Intelligence Center

Keyla WaslawskiSenior Vice President - Cultural Intelligence Center

Breakout Sessions

Option 1: New CQ Products and Solutions  

A discussion of new and upcoming solutions offered by the Cultural Intelligence Center to support CQ practitioners around the world. Bring your own ideas of additional solutions that would support you and your organization.

Linn Van Dyne, PhD, and Mike Knox COO, Cultural Intelligence Center

Option 2: CQ and Inclusion – Better DEIB Strategies 

A panel discussion on implementing CQ as part of organizations’ Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) programs 

Moderator: Keyla Waslawski 

Panelists: Rahn Franklin, PhD; Alice Leong – Director, Inclusion & Diversity, Medline Industries, LP ; Bernadette Thompson OBE FCIPD – Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust 

Sharon Gai - TEDx Speaker and Cultural Fluidity Expert

Summit wrap-up

Download the full agenda in .pdf format. If you have any questions about the agenda or the event, contact Certification@CulturalQ.com.

Referral Fee Opportunity for Certified Facilitators

Are you a Certified Facilitator?  If so, we want to make sure you are aware that we have created a special program for Certified Facilitators to refer people to the CQ Certification and Train-the-Trainer portion of the event. 

Any Certified Facilitator who refers a colleague, friend or client and they register for an event will be eligible to receive referral fees of $500 per paid registration for CQ Certification and/or $250 per paid registration for CQ Train-the-Trainer.  As a special bonus, the person referred will receive 10% off the current price of registration!

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