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General Questions about Cultural Intelligence
How reliable are the results of the CQ Assessments?

More than 100 peer-reviewed articles demonstrate that the CQ Assessment is a reliable and useful way to predict effectiveness in culturally diverse settings. We’ve controlled for socially desirable responses and there’s a high level of agreement between observer ratings and self-ratings. Check out the research to learn more.

Do people from some places have higher CQ than others?

No. There are no meaningful differences in CQ scores based on country or part of the world. Instead, there are people who have low, moderate, and high scores throughout the world. Although people sometimes expect that those who live in highly diverse cities or places where multiple languages are spoken will automatically have higher CQ than those living in more homogenous places, this is not accurate. Furthermore, being part of an underrepresented group doesn’t automatically give someone higher CQ. Therefore, even though hands-on experiences are one of the best ways to improve cultural intelligence, it’s not automatic. It depends on how people approach these opportunities and how they react to and reflect on those experiences.

What is the difference between CQ and EQ?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to detect and regulate the emotions of yourself and others. It’s a critical capability needed to work effectively with others. However, emotional intelligence is culturally conditioned (e.g. The nonverbal behaviors that indicate someone is upset vary across cultures;). Cultural intelligence picks up where emotional intelligence leaves off and allows you to have the social sensibilities and practical skills to work and relate effectively with people from unfamiliar cultures.

Is CQ for global application or domestic?

Both. The cultural intelligence research and practical application of the research occurs in international contexts (e.g. preparing expats for overseas assignments, study abroad programs, helping global teams) and in domestic contexts (multicultural teams, diversity and inclusion programs, unconscious bias training, etc.). CQ can even be used to predict how individuals will function across other types of cultures such as those based on generational differences, organizational cultures, functional differences, etc.

What is the difference between cultural intelligence and cultural competence?

There are more than 300 models of intercultural competence with dozens of corresponding inventories. Most of these models are not based on a coherent theoretical model and as a result, mix together attitudes, personality traits (innate), values, and capabilities (learned skills).

Cultural intelligence, or CQ, is the capability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. It is based on Sternberg & Detterman’s theory of intelligence and focuses specifically on learned skills that are critical for working effectively in culturally diverse environments. Skills, unlike values and personality, can be developed and improved through education, training, and experience.

Using CQ Assessments With Your Group
I am a trainer/consultant and want to use the CQS, how can I access the assessment?

We offer a variety of on-line CQ assessments, with personal feedback reports for participants. Please email us and describe the nature of your program and the estimated number of assessments you want to purchase.

I am teaching a course at a university or college. What is the academic rate for the CQ Assessment?

Academic assessments are available for regularly scheduled University, college, or high school courses as well as for study abroad programs at reduced prices. Send us an email from your school email address and include the name of the school, the name of the course, and the anticipated number of assessments and we will provide you with more information.

How much does the CQ Assessment Cost?

Tell us which version of the CQ Assessment you would like to use, the context, and the anticipated number of assessments needed and we can provide you with pricing information.

I am interested in administering the CQ Assessment to a group

Read about available assessments and email us to tell us more about your needs.

CQ Assessment: Participant Questions
Why didn’t I receive a copy of my results?

Your program may have been set up so that only the group administrator has access to feedback reports. Please reach out to your group administrator to verify. Group administrators may edit access restrictions within their administrator dashboard.

I took the CQ Assessment and need a copy of my feedback report

In some cases feedback reports go to facilitators, and in other cases participants can access their own feedback reports.

If your Group Administrator set up your program to allow you access to your report, please login to your dashboard to access your report.

If this does not work, please contact your facilitator or email us.

CQ Assessment: Book Codes
I purchased a Kindle edition of The Cultural Intelligence Difference and it doesn’t include a code for the CQ Assessment. May I have access to a book code?

As noted on Amazon’s website, Kindle editions do not include a code for the CQ Assessment. If you would like to take the CQ Assessment, contact us to purchase a code.

My book code isn’t working; can you send me one that works?

We have recently discontinued printing codes in The Cultural Intelligence Difference book.

If you purchased a print edition that still includes an unused code, we will honor that. Please follow the instructions included in the back of the book to take the assessment. If you are having difficulty getting a code from the book to work, please double check you are not entering a “1” as a lowercase “L”, or vice versa. Many times the font for those two characters look very similar.

If you purchased a used book, the code included will not work if someone has already scratched the foil and redeemed it. If you would like to purchase assessment access, please email us.

If you purchased a new copy of The Cultural Intelligence Difference, which does not include a code, please email us to purchase assessment access.


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