Webinar - Cultural Intelligence and Health Equity

Cultural Intelligence and Health Equity Webinar

During the webinar Keyla Waslawski (Senior Vice President) will interview Dr. Devan Ford (Program Director – DEI, at MD Anderson Cancer Center) and Ana Pujols-McKee (MD, FACP and former Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Joint Commission) to discuss Cultural Intelligence and how it can solve for some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, including turnover and retention, onboarding and education, and culturally appropriate patient relations.

During the webinar, participants will learn:

  • Some of the main challenges in health and in health equity
  • How we can leverage Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Cultural Values (CVs) to navigate these challenges
  • What resources are available for leaders to help facilitate effective and equitable onboarding and education
  • What better patient care can look like when health systems invest in the development of the cultural intelligence of their people

Featured Speakers


Keyla Waslawski

Senior Vice President

Cultural Intelligence Center


Dr. Devan Ford

Program Director – DEI

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Ana Pujols-McKee, MD, FACP

Healthcare Executive

Formerly of The Joint Commission

Shayna Haynes

Account Manager

Cultural Intelligence Center

Shayna began her career at CQC in September of 2020 as a Virtual Events and Resource Coordinator. This role provided a strong foundation for her to step into an Account Manager position in March of 2022. Shayna’s passion for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion has allowed her to pursue many enriching experiences. Some of these include: membership in a multicultural and historically Latinx sorority, facilitating inter-group social justice dialogues, creating an implicit bias awareness resource and campaign for Central Michigan University, and working on a local documentary film crew as a Production Coordinator. She is currently studying Business Administration, and has plans to continue her higher education journey in Social Innovation and Public Administration. Shayna is also an avid reader, a poet, and a writer. She is very dedicated to community engagement, and she works with several community leaders in Grand Rapids, Michigan on various creative projects and local initiatives. Shayna sees herself as a bridge-builder that aims to improve community through intergroup dialogue and considers herself to be lifelong learner.

Keyla Waslawski

Vice President, Sales & Marketing and Company Secretary

Cultural Intelligence Center

Keyla Waslawski is our Vice President, Sales and Marketing and Secretary. She oversees all of our sales and marketing processes and projects. Keyla also leads our business development, communications, client relations, and technology initiatives. Keyla graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and earned her M.B.A., Financial Accounting at Wayne State University in Detroit. She enjoys applying her analytical skills and eye for numbers to support and lead the Sales & Marketing team at the Cultural Intelligence Center. Keyla’s hobbies include gardening and home improvement projects, but what she enjoys most is spending time with her husband and two children.

Dr. Devan Ford

Program Director – DEI
MD Anders Cancer Center

Dr. Devan Ford has over a decade of experience in diversity, equity, and inclusion with special emphasis on gender equity and unconscious bias. Devan has a background in higher education, and previously served as a senior DEI leader and faculty member at the University of Houston. She is currently a lecturer of Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies at UH. In 2019 Devan joined MD Anderson Cancer Center as a Program Director and DEI practitioner focused on providing DEI education, training, coaching and consulting to the MD Anderson workforce.

Devan obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication from Texas Southern University; a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration from Texas A&M University; and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Arkansas.

Additionally, Dr. Devan holds several training certificates, and certifications including: Cultural Intelligence, Restorative Justice in Academic Medicine, Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace, Cultural Competence, Interpersonal Communication, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Leadership, and Life Coaching.

Ana Pujols-McKee, MD, FACP

Healthcare Executive

Former Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Joint Commission and also served as interim Chief Executive Officer for the Joint Commission.

Ana Pujols-McKee is a healthcare executive with 25+ years of distinguished leadership experience in health care. She is respected nationally for her expertise in physician leadership, organization effectiveness and all aspects of patient safety including healthcare equity. She is a strong advocate for effective governance to achieve these goals. Throughout her career, she has successfully provided leadership in a broad range of health care settings including academic and public health systems, the insurance industry, integrated health care systems, and with the nation’s largest quality and standard setting organization.

Dr. McKee is the former Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the Joint Commission and also served as interim Chief Executive Officer for the Joint Commission. In that capacity she provided oversight and leadership for all patient-safety and quality improvement initiatives,
as well as health-care policy development and strategic planning. The Joint Commission is an independent not-for-profit organization, which accredits and certifies more than 21,000 health-care organizations and programs in the United States. Dr McKee also provided clinical oversight to Joint Commission International, which accredits and certifies 1000 organizations internationally.

Throughout her career, Dr. McKee has been the recipient of numerous industry distinctions including the Top-25 Minority Executives in the Nation by Modern Health Care in 2014 and 2020 and Modern Healthcare’s “10 to watch” Top Diversity Leader in 2022.

Webinar Registration

Cultural Intelligence and Health Equity Webinar

Join us in this one-hour discussion which will explore how Cultural Intelligence and Health Equity are impacting the health care community.

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About Cultural Intelligence Center

The Cultural Intelligence Center is dedicated to the worldwide assessment and development of cultural intelligence or CQ–a globally recognized way of measuring and improving intercultural effectiveness. It owns the only academically validated CQ assessment in the world and offers certification and training for using the assessment. More information about the Cultural Intelligence Center can be found on our website located at http://www.CulturalQ.com.

Complimentary Cultural Intelligence for Leaders Packet

Learn to Lead with Cultural Intelligence

Now, more than ever, companies need effective leaders at all levels of the organization. Being able to bring together and get the best out of team members from different generations, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic roots, countries, religions, and educational backgrounds requires a Culturally Intelligent Leader.

We have a collection of Cultural Intelligence leadership articles written by social scientist, speaker, and author Dr. David Livermore.  The article topics include:

  • 5 Questions Culturally Intelligent Leaders Ask Themselves Every Day
  • Leadership Advice You Should Ignore
  • How Culturally Intelligent Leaders Make Decisions

About the Author

David Livermore, PhD (Michigan State University) is a social scientist devoted to the topics of cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of several award-winning books. Learn more about Dr. David Livermore by visiting his website.

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