CQ For Government

Building Culturally Intelligent Societies

We work with federal, state, and local government agencies to develop a strategy for developing culturally intelligent communities. We provide customized solutions for using the CQ assessments and developmental strategies with leaders, staff, and military operators. Many government agencies utilize the suite of CQ products and services for meeting the needs of professionals working in the public sector.

CQ For Government

CQ for Government Professionals

We will work with you to equip your leaders and staff to achieve success on behalf of your local, state, or federal constituents. We offer public sector professionals customized versions of the CQ learning and development programs used with our corporate clients. Learn more about the pathway for building a culturally intelligent organization here.

Cultural Readiness for Military Operations

The inability to measure the effectiveness of cultural training or predict cross-cultural performance has significant ramifications for military operations. Cultural ignorance can lead to lost lives and mission failure.

A reliable, valid approach for assessing cultural readiness is critical to ensure the return on investment from cultural training. Research proves that cultural intelligence is a deciding factor in whether individuals, units, and states are successful in culturally diverse situations or not.

The products and services most often used by military forces include the following:

Assessing Cultural Readiness (CQ Self-Assessment and Multi-Rater/360)

The CQ Assessments provide an academically-valid way to assess cultural intelligence and predict performance in culturally diverse settings (i.e., during deployment, with a culturally diverse unit, etc.). In addition to providing participants with feedback on their personal cultural preferences, the assessment offers personalized scores compared to worldwide norms, and a development plan for improving CQ.

CQ Workshops (Culture-General and Culture-Specific)

We offer a variety of workshops that can be customized for a specific unit or service. We have a team of facilitators with extensive military experience, which they draw upon while teaching to ensure that the examples, case studies, and best practices used are relevant for a military context.

CQ Certification and Train-the-Trainer Programs

We offer public and in-house certification programs to equip military instructors to use the cultural intelligence assessments and training. Participants receive a full-set of materials for de-briefing the assessments, interpreting the results, and for training modules that enhance cultural readiness and improve cultural intelligence.

Online Tools

We’re currently developing web-based tools for learning about cultural intelligence and developing a personalized action plan.  These are ideally suited for military forces that may be distributed across several regions globally. The online tools include e-learning courses about unconscious bias, ten cultural value differences, as well as an interactive tool that will provide participants with personalized feedback based on his/her CQ assessment results.

CQ is an ongoing education

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