Why is CQ Valuable?

The Benefits of Cultural Intelligence

Research on cultural intelligence demonstrates many promising benefits for individuals and organizations. An individual’s CQ predicts performance when working in culturally diverse situations. Organizational CQ predicts results when working across cultural borders and increases the likelihood the organization will successfully accomplish its mission in this globalized and multicultural world.

CQ Corporate

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for Companies

  • Success in culturally diverse markets
  • Speed and efficiency when working across borders
  • Effective short-term and long-term global assignments
  • Becoming an employer of choice
  • Profitability and cost savings
  • Multicultural team effectiveness
  • Global virtual team effectiveness

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CQ Education

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for Educational Institutions

  • Students, faculty, and staff with high intercultural competence
  • High quality Interactions with diverse others
  • A broad range of career opportunities
  • A diverse and inclusive campus or school environment
  • Transformational study abroad programs
  • Recruitment and retention of underrepresented students, faculty and staff
  • Tangible and intangible efficiencies and cost savings

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CQ Government

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for Government

  • Enhanced communication across cultures
  • Respect and safety for employees and citizens
  • Equitable opportunities for underrepresented groups
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Cost savings and efficiencies
  • Multicultural team effectiveness
  • Global virtual team effectiveness

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CQ Everyone

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence for Everyone

  • Global Citizens: CQ is the missing link between thinking globally and acting locally.
  • Communities of Faith: CQ enables religious groups to respectfully engage with people from other cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Employers: CQ is the strategic link between a diverse workforce and diverse customers.
  • Job Seekers: 90% of executives are looking for people who have cultural intelligence. CQ provides a competitive edge for landing your dream job.

Music, sports, parenting, research, politics, filmmaking, service…Virtually all fields involve encounters with culturally diverse individuals and situations. The greater your cultural intelligence, the more likely that you successfully adjust to the cultures you encounter and that your interactions will be effective.

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