Consulting with Cultural Values

Our research-based cultural values products are the perfect supplement to any coaching or consulting portfolio.

Why Use Cultural Values in Consulting?

Because your clients encounter diversity on a daily basis.

Our Cultural Values products provide individuals with a core understanding of cultural value preferences and how those influence approaches to life, work, and personal development. Coaches and consultants can use these tools to help improve their clients’ knowledge and flexibility when working with others who have preferences that differ from their own.

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Assessing Cultural Values


✔ Cultural Values Profile

✔ Individual Participant Feedback on Cultural Values (CV)

MyCV Online Learning

Understanding Cultural Value Differences


✔ Cultural Values Profile

✔ Individual Participant Feedback on Cultural Values (CV)

✔ MyCV Online Learning

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More Information

Participants complete online assessments and receive personalized feedback reports that outline their own cultural value preferences and how those relate to different clusters of people globally and domestically within the U.S. Consultants have the opportunity to receive group reports that summarize overall preferences of a group, resources to aid the teaching of Cultural Values, and the option to use a blended learning approach by utilizing the online MyCV e-Learning course.


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