We provide a range of consulting services to help your organization assess current progress in diversity and cultural intelligence and to develop a strategic plan for becoming a more culturally intelligent organization.

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Our Strategic Process


The CQ Audit offers a solutions-oriented process for assessing an organization or institution’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Comprehensive Report includes analysis of findings along with recommendations and proposed performance indicators.


Based on the findings of the Audit, we can assist organizations in developing a strategic and innovative plan of action designed to move them towards becoming a diverse, inclusively excellent, and culturally intelligent organization.


How do we know the plan is working? Our research-based process and tools not only enable organizations to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, but also assist them in identifying realistic and measurable outcomes.


Results are most useful when they are transformational and have long-term impact. Our approach positions the organization to experience positive and lasting results.

Our Services

CQ Audit™

  • Segments: Corporate, Education, Nonprofit, Government
  • Objective: Assessment of progress in becoming a culturally intelligent, diverse, and inclusive organization

The CQ Audit is a comprehensive review of your current progress toward diversity and inclusion and cultural intelligence. It includes reviewing existing practices and policies, conducting focus groups, administering the CQ Assessment, and surveying stakeholders.

CQ Strategic Roadmap™

  • Segments: Corporate, Education, Nonprofit, Government
  • Objective: Guided planning process for the development of innovative strategies for creating culturally intelligent, diverse, and inclusive organizations

The Strategic Roadmap is a guided, research-based, planned process designed to help organizations identify opportunities for improvement and develop a clear and strategic plan of action. The deliverable includes implementation details and a diversity, inclusion, and equity scorecard that will outline specific strategies and outcomes as well as create a framework for building in accountability, and tracking and measuring progress on ongoing and future efforts.

CQ Your School™

  • Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Education/K-12
  • Objective: Provide a customized, research-based process and program for building culturally intelligent students, teachers, and staff; equipping schools to create more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments.
  • Format: Face-to-Face or Blended (combination of FTF and Online)
  • Typical Duration: 12-18 months

CQ Your School is a customized school-wide program for developing culturally intelligent students, staff, and faculty. The process includes a comprehensive training program and strategically integrating CQ within the overall culture, curriculum, learning outcomes, and school climate. Once the program is complete, ongoing resources, consulting, and training are available to the partnering school.

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