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Organizational effectiveness is increasingly dependent on people who can be effective and respectful in a variety of cultural situations. For a long time, this aspect of effectiveness was difficult to measure. Now, using the only evidence-based assessment of cultural intelligence (CQ) available, you can assess and develop CQ for those in your organization. We offer the following online assessments and personalized feedback reports for public, private, and non-profit organizations.

CQ for Professionals

CQ Assessments: Professional

The professional versions of the CQ assessment include an inventory of the four CQ capabilities and an individual’s personal orientation on seven cultural values. There are both self-report and multi-rater (360°) versions of the survey.

The multi-rater assessments can be set up so that participants select 5-7 observers on their own to complete the survey on their behalf, or it may be used with an in-tact team (where team members provide feedback on one another’s CQ). Participants complete online surveys and receive personalized feedback reports. (Self, Multi-Rater, and Team Versions Available)

We need leaders with CQ who can make connections with people who are not like them.

Shuvo Saha, Director of Google’s Digital Academy

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