Faith-Based Assessments

Religious communities are faced with many opportunities and challenges due to our increasingly diverse world. How do faith-based communities remain true to their convictions while simultaneously adjusting to and learning from those with different cultural systems and beliefs? Enhance the multicultural understanding and effectiveness of your faith-based group by assessing their cultural intelligence (CQ). Surveys include questions specifically designed to trigger reflection about religious issues and concerns in multicultural contexts. We offer the following online assessments and personalized feedback reports for faith-based contexts.

The CQ assessment and training have been a tremendous resource to Young Life’s leaders as we seek to equip our staff and volunteers to serve more effectively in the increasingly diverse world of young people!

Ken Knipp, Vice President of Training at Young Life

CQ Basic Assessment

The CQ Basic is a self-inventory of the four CQ capabilities and is specifically designed for faith-based contexts (e.g. churches, non-profit ministries) or short-term mission teams. Participants complete online surveys and receive a feedback report, which includes scores for the four CQ capabilities and comparisons with the CQ worldwide norms, sub-dimensions for the four capabilities, and reflection questions to guide interpretation of the feedback. (General Faith-Based and Short-Term Mission versions available).

CQ Basic Plus Assessment

The CQ Basic Plus includes everything from the Basic version of the faith-based self-assessment and adds assessment and feedback on an individual’s cultural value orientations (e.g. individualism vs. collectivism, low vs. high context, etc.). Note: CQ Basic Plus is not currently available in the short-term mission version.

Pre and Post Assessments

Faith-based and short-term mission assessment programs can be set up for a one-time, stand-alone assessment or can include multiple assessments – such as before and after specific events or short-term mission opportunities.

Group Reports

Facilitators and organizations can receive CQ Group Reports with aggregated results for a group of participants. Group reports include demographic characteristics of participants, comparison of participant scores with the CQ worldwide norms, distribution of participant scores (low-moderate-high), and interpretative observations and implications. CQ Group Reports for specialized programs also include information on the distribution of individual cultural value orientations, comparisons between sub-groups of participants, comparisons between self and observer ratings, and/or comparisons between pre- and post-assessment scores.

CQ Multi-Rater Assessment

Faith-based groups may also want to use CQ Multi-Rater Assessments. While primarily intended for use in the workplace, this goes beyond the self-assessment and also provides feedback from others who have observed the individual in an intercultural context to provide the most comprehensive look at one’s CQ.

CQ is an ongoing education

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