Harvard In-House Unconscious Bias Certification Program a Huge Success!

At the end of August, we certified over 20 Harvard University leaders and staff to become Certified Facilitators as well as integrate and teach our Culture Matters: Managing Unconscious Bias Certification Program across the entire campus. We spent the 1.5 days with key leaders and Diversity and Inclusion staff across a wide range of schools and departments, including Harvard Medical School, Kennedy School, the School of Education, Human Resources, Admissions, and Disability Services, just to name a few.

The level of commitment and engagement by Harvard on this important topic of unconscious bias is to be commended for many reasons but especially given the fact that, for the first time in the University’s history, the majority of incoming freshman are students of color.

We are incredibly grateful for our continued partnership with Harvard and the opportunity to support their efforts to become a more inclusive and culturally intelligent campus community.

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