CQ® Your Bias Virtual Workshop

Event Overview

  • Format Virtual
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Price $475 USD

We live in a diverse world and we all have biases. This is a natural fact of being human. The CQ® Your Bias virtual workshop helps individuals understand unconscious bias, and how to manage their bias during interactions with others. In this highly interactive course, participants explore personal biases as well as the systemic bias present in societal and organizational practices, processes, and policies.

Using the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework, CQ Your Bias draws upon on research-based findings to provide strategies for disrupting bias in individual lives and organizations. Participants improve their self-awareness and develop the first steps for relating and working with cultural intelligence.

The CQ Your Bias virtual workshop uses the Cultural Intelligence Center’s e-learning program, combined with an interactive, live course led by an experienced trainer in unconscious bias.

Workshop Objectives 

This program will help participants apply research-based solutions for improving self-awareness and culturally intelligent strategies to make sure they do not act on biases. The overall objective is to learn how to manage bias in interpersonal and organizational interactions.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand why bias matters
  • Recognize sources of explicit and implicit bias
  • Identify systemic bias in our organizations/institutions
  • Practice culturally intelligent strategies to disrupt bias

You Will Receive 

  • MyUB™ e-learning course
  • CQ® Your Bias participant guide
  • Cultural Values Profile
  • MyCV e-learning course
  • Digital copy of Expand Your Borderswritten by Dr. David Livermore
  • Certificate of Completion that can be shared and added to your social media accounts
  • Digital Badge to validate your accomplishments. Showcase your digital badge on your email, resume, and social media accounts!

Additional Information

Available Dates & Locations

Date Location Venue

14 Oct 2020

Wednesday, October 14, 6 pm – 10 pm EDT | 22:00-02:00 GMT

10 Nov 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 9 am – 1 pm EST | 14:00-18:00 GMT

13 Nov 2020

Friday, November 13, 12 pm – 4 pm EST | 17:00-21:00 GMT

2 Dec 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 8 pm – 12 am EST | 01:00-05:00 GMT

Schedule & Objectives

Workshop Agenda & Objectives 


  • Understand workshop objectives and agenda
  • Define ground rules for participation interaction

Manage Bias with Cultural Intelligence: CQ Drive

  • Develop a deeper understanding of unconscious bias and ways CQ can help disrupt bias
  • Know the three everyday influences proven to increase the application of bias
  • Possess strategies for interrupting everyday influences

See Unconscious Bias: CQ Knowledge

  • Understand the personal and organizational effect of covering
  • Define and recognize multiple types of bias, especially affinity and confirmation bias
  • Learn CQ strategies for reducing covering and responding effectively to microaggressions

Disrupt Biased Systems and Practices: CQ Strategy

  • Understand how bias affects organizational systems and practices
  • Learn CQ strategies to manage bias across the employee lifecycle
  • Learn five CQ strategies for managing decision-making bias
  • Apply bias-busting CQ strategies to real-world scenarios

Create an Action Plan: CQ Action

  • Commit to implementing several CQ strategies to manage bias
  • Recognize managing bias as an ongoing process
  • Develop a personal action plan to take effective action in managing and challenging bias

Fees & Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due upon registration or within 7 days of receiving an invoice for the workshop and is non-refundable.

We reserve the right to cancel a workshop session 30 days out. Full refunds will be given if we do so.

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