Domestic & Global CQ

CQ Will Help You at Home and Abroad

Diversity is everywhere. And one of the greatest benefits of cultural intelligence is that it provides you with a unified strategy and skill set for how to relate and work across cultural differences at home and abroad.

Domestic CQ

Domestic Cultural Intelligence

Domestic CQ can best be described as working and relating effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds in your own country. The culturally intelligent person who understands domestic diversity is able to work effectively with peers, colleagues and customers from different cultural backgrounds at home.

Global CQ

Global Cultural Intelligence

Global CQ can best be described as working and relating effectively across international cultures. This may occur during international travel, when interacting with a global, virtual team, or when talking with people from other countries. The culturally intelligent person who understands global diversity is able to work more effectively with peers, colleagues and customers from different nationalities.

Why Both Are Important

Most individuals and organizations need to apply CQ domestically and globally. Many organizations, however, approach domestic and international diversity with entirely different departments and strategies. Diversity and inclusion leaders often focus on domestic diversity while global mobility leaders tend to focus on overseas differences. In educational institutions, the multicultural affairs offices usually work with domestic diversity while a separate office gives attention to international students and programs. Cultural Intelligence provides a coherent model for addressing diverse interactions in both domestic and international contexts.

How We Address Both

We work with small, mid-size, and large organizations domestically and throughout the world. The CQ model provides a consistent approach and language for using both domestic and international differences strategically. Whether it’s preparing expats for overseas assignments or building inclusive teams in the local office, cultural intelligence drives results. We also work with universities to develop strategies for working with students from other nationalities as well as underrepresented populations within the same country. In addition, we work with small, medium, and large organizations to predict how individuals will work across other sub-cultures such as generational differences, organizational cultures, and functional differences.

Whatever the source of diversity we will work to achieve your goals

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