CQ MOOC Attracts Over 2,000 Learners

The first-ever CQ MOOC, in partnership with Purdue University, was a huge success! The 5-week, introductory CQ Course enrolled 2,366 learners from over 75 countries. Students included medical doctors, university professors, college students, business professionals, travelers, retirees and people from all cultural backgrounds, races and ethnicities.

“First designing and then facilitating the Purdue University CQ MOOC for FutureLearn, in partnership with the Cultural Intelligence Center, is a joy for me in my teaching role at Purdue University. The challenge to clearly present a sound theory and researched based model to a vast array of persons from so many diverse backgrounds is extremely exciting and rewarding,” says Dr. Charles Calahan, Assistant Director for Global Diversity Faculty Development.

Here’s what a few learners had to say about the course…

“I have learned that there is a much greater breadth to cultural intelligence and cultural understanding than I was previously aware of. It’s more than just ‘being a nice person’ and reading travel guides when you go to another country. This relates to my real world because I often encounter people from other cultures in my work. I will now be more aware of my verbal and non-verbal behaviors, and hopefully will be more respectful to people with diverse backgrounds.”

“It’s been a fun course with many ‘aha’ moments and a realization that through travel and living abroad, I’ve been exposed to quite a few clear examples too. It has helped me to be able to describe it all in a more scientific and learned way. Lots learned, lots of fun interactions with other students, a great course and experience, thanks.”

The next CQ MOOC course starts February 11. For deeper learning and to receive formal credentials, participants can also complete the CQ Assessment and MyCQ, our online eLearning program designed to debrief the CQ Assessment. Contact us with any questions or for more information.

CQ is an ongoing education

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