CQ Center continues to expand work in K-12 Space

The CQ Center recently kicked off a partnership with Forest Hills Public Schools, a West Michigan-based school district with 10,000+ students. We facilitated a “Developing Your CQ” training session with top administrators from across the district. Nearly 40 of the district’s superintendents, principals and teachers came together to discover their personal cultural values and how their values differ from those of their students and staff.

Through hands-on activities and discussion sessions, participants were challenged to think critically as a group to identify strategies for creating a more inclusive school district. The partnership will continue in the fall with a CQ Audit to assess the district’s current progress towards diversity and inclusion. The audit will include reviewing current practices and policies, conducting focus groups of diverse populations from the district, and using the findings to build cultural intelligence throughout the FHPS community.

CQ is an ongoing education

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