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Thank you for visiting the Cultural Intelligence Center.  In case you were not aware, Cultural Intelligence or CQ, measures your capability to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations.  Scroll down to learn more.

The Cultural Intelligence Center is excited to attend and exhibit at NACE for the first time. With the revised NACE Career Competencies in Diversity & Inclusion, we are excited to share with you how cultural intelligence is helping universities, HR professionals, and companies improve the cross-cultural effectiveness of students, staff, professionals, and leaders. After all, cultural intelligence (CQ) is defined as the ability to work effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, age groups, and more.

CQ Testimonials

With a greater awareness of their own cultural intelligence, along with our diverse student learning teams and overseas study, Queen’s students have a unique opportunity to expand their cultural intelligence during the course of the program.”

–Shai Dubey, Director MBA Program at Queen’s School of Business

As a trainer of psychologists, counselors, and other mental health professionals, I am struck by how simple, applicable, and effective this model is for students and practitioners in my field who strive for cultural competence.”

–Michael Goh, PhD, Director of Counseling Program, University of Minnesota

We are proud to partner with leading educators including

Digital Credentials - Showcase Student Commitment to CQ


CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE, or CQ®, is a globally recognized way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. It’s rooted in rigorous, academic research conducted across more than 100 countries and it’s being used by leading companies, universities, and governments around the world.

Professional Credentials are available in Cultural Intelligence. Features include,

  • Certificate of Completion that can be shared and added to your students social media accounts
  • Digital Badge to validate your student accomplishments. 
  • Validate your students awareness and commitment to being culturally intelligent

What’s in a Credential

Our credentials provides students with proven strategies to improve their multicultural personal and professional effectiveness.

This blended-learning program goes beyond cultural awareness and utilizes peer-reviewed research to offer recognized methods for building an individual’s cultural intelligence and having more effective cross-cultural connections.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Self-awareness of how culture influences your interactions with others
  • Understanding how to develop and apply CQ in yourself and others
  • Improved effectiveness working with multicultural colleagues and customers

Features of a Digital Certificate Include:

  • Shareable Certificate – Earn a certificate upon completion
  • 100% Online Courses – Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
  • Flexible Schedule – Set and maintain flexible deadlines
  • Beginner Level – No prior experience required
  • Approx. 2 hours to complete – Suggested 1 hour per unit
  • English – Subtitles: English

About the Cultural Intelligence Center

Who We Are

The Cultural Intelligence Center is an innovative, research-based consulting and training organization that draws upon empirical findings to help executives, companies, universities, and government organizations assess and improve cultural intelligence (CQ)—the ability to work effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, age groups, and more. We provide you with innovative solutions that improve multicultural performance based on rigorous academic research.  Watch this short video to learn more.

what we do

We help develop innovative solutions that improve multicultural performance based on rigorous academic research. In culturally diverse situations, CQ helps to predict the following:

  • Personal Adjustment and Adaptability
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Negotiation Effectiveness
  • Trust, Idea Sharing, and Innovation
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Profitability and Cost-Savings


We help organizations and institutions:

  • Unlock the innovation potential of diverse teams
  • Develop proven and sustainable cultural competency training models
  • Conduct equitable hiring processes
  • Scale on-demand unconscious bias courses
  • Become culturally intelligent educators
  • Develop next generation culturally intelligent leaders
  • And more

Let's Partner

I would love to get to know you better and help determine whether or not a CQ solution is right for your organization.  A little bit about me.

Eric Schueller

Education Partnership Manager

As an Education Partnership Manager, I work with colleges, universities, and K12 school districts to implement cultural intelligence on campus. I have a decade of experience in education partnerships working with faculty, staff, and students.

Prior to working at the Cultural Intelligence Center, I worked in international education, managing partnerships, developing new relationships, and advising students for an education abroad program provider. I hold a degree in International Business from St. Ambrose University.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with his family, running, and traveling.

Is CQ is right for your organization?

Please fill out the form below and let’s find out.  I will respond within 1-2 business days.  You can also reach me directly at 616.855.1655.