CF Newsletter - September 2022

The Certified Facilitator’s Regular Round-Up of CQ Center Updates, News, and Insights

A Message from Jennifer Benbow, Certified Facilitator Advocate

Hello Certified Facilitators!

We’re excited to share with you a revised format for our CF newsletter starting with a short introduction from me. I’m Jennifer Benbow, Director of Public Programs and Partners at the CQ Center. I’m based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and joined the CQ Center in February 2020 about one month before we were locked down due to COVID. I worked in the office for about 3 weeks, attended the March 2020 CQ Certification courses in Los Angeles, came home, and worked remotely for over a year without seeing my new colleagues in person. A bizarre beginning to a new position but even so, it has been one of the most rewarding of my career.

We know the pandemic has been difficult both personally and professionally for many of you, and have heard from Certified Facilitators over the last several months who have been working to re-establish their CQ consulting or CQ training within their organization. We are here to help – whether it’s a refresher on purchasing products and creating a program in the CQ Portal, a refresher certification or Train-The-Trainer course, or an introduction to the new assessment and e-learning versions and languages we offer. Please contact me or another CQ Center representative with any questions.

We also have a survey at the bottom of this newsletter and we’d love your feedback on topics you’d like to hear more about.


The Cultural Intelligence Center is always working on new products and improving our existing ones. Here are some updates:

  • New Real-Life E-learning – We have a new e-learning called Applying CQ: Using CQ in Everyday Life. This 60-minute interactive online course features practical applications of cultural intelligence and cultural values, with scenarios and exercises that relate to everyday situations. It does not require a participant to complete an assessment beforehand. Here’s a link to a free Applying CQ demo. Check it out and let us know what you think!
  • Free Introductory E-learnings – We added two free e-learnings to the Certified Facilitator Store that you can share with colleagues, clients, decision-makers within your organization, and those asking you “What is CQ?” or “How does CQ fit with managing bias?” CQ Starter is a 10-minute introduction to cultural intelligence, and Intro to Managing Bias is a 13-minute intro on CQ and Bias. They are $1 each in the Certified Facilitator Store (because that’s the lowest cost our system allows) but if you would like to share either of these offerings with others, please reach out to me.
  • Digital Certification Credentials – In 2021, we started providing digital certification credentials to our new Certified Facilitators so they can add them to their LinkedIn certificates, on websites, email signatures, etc. These credentials are also available to any CF who completed their certification courses before 2021. Please complete this form: and we’ll email them to you.
  • Assessment Languages – Did you know we offer the CQ Pro assessment in 8 different languages? (9 if you count British English!) – They are available in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Our other assessments are offered in some of these languages. Reach out if you’d like to know more.

CF Spotlight - Paul Tokunga

Hello Certified Facilitators!

In 2007, he and his diversity colleagues with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship were tasked with creating “Managing & Leading Ethnic Diversity,” a three-day course which became mandatory training for all of InterVarsity’s 250 middle and senior managers. Their curriculum development team went online, discovered various sets of cultural values and created training exercises to help fellow staff better understand how their values impact others. 

Then, in 2017, he discovered The Cultural Intelligence Center had created their own Cultural Values Profile. When he read about the extensive research behind it, he took the Cultural Intelligence Pro Assessment (which includes Cultural Values). He was hooked. He was soon certified in Unconscious Bias and Cultural Intelligence.

That year he created MELD: Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development, LLC to assist NCAA universities with race-related training. In 2019, he utilized the Pro Assessment to train the entire coaching and administrative staff at the University of New Hampshire.

 In 2020, MELD expanded to also serve non-profits and for-profit organizations. Their identified their three-fold approach: executive coaching and consulting, empowering emerging leaders of color and delivering impactful training and workshops.

With each new client, the CQ tools became the centerpiece of their racial and ethnic diversity training.  Since 2019, he and his colleagues have used the CQ Pro Assessment, Team Profile and Group Report, as a springboard to help over 350 professionals grow in their ethnic identity, discovering their cultural values and in their relationships with those of other ethnicities. Their use of the CQ assessments always includes either personal or group debriefing or both.

“What we appreciate about the work of The Cultural Intelligence Center and their tools is how they have been thoroughly researched and vetted. Their expansive use—internationally and domestically—gives us confidence to use it in any setting,” said Tokunaga.

The Cultural Intelligence tools are a very welcoming ‘entry door’ for White people to explore how their ethnic identity impacts others. “We work with a lot of organization with predominantly White employees, ” continued Tokunaga. Because all of the values are ‘neutral’—not one better than another—it disarms them from being defensive or thinking, ‘I don’t have an ethnic identity—I’m just your basic White guy.’”

“This past May, we celebrated our first five years,” said Tokunaga. “We can’t wait to see what organizations can utilize us to create even healthier, ethnically diverse climates. Thanks, CQ Center, for being a key part of it!”

Upcoming Webinar: CQ and Teams

Learn how Cultural Intelligence can help people get along and work together effectively.

Date: To Be Announced

Previous Webinar: An Introduction to CQ and EQ

Have you ever observed the particulars of how different people act in different ways, in different circumstances? Do you wonder why you and your boss never see eye-to-eye on certain things? Have you experienced being more comfortable expressing your opinion with a smaller group rather than a large one, and wondered why? Are you curious to find out why your colleagues act the way they do? Do you want to be able to anticipate possible similarities and differences with others? If you answered with “yes” to one or more of the questions above, then this webinar is made for you. Watch the recording here:

Must Read: Digital, Diverse & Divided
How to Talk to Racists, Compete With Robots, and Overcome Polarization
by Dr. Dave Livermore

Order the book here

“In the spirit of Michael Lewis, David Livermore weaves an intimate nonfiction thriller of encounters, travels, and colliding worlds of extro- and introspection. Digital, Diverse & Divided is Livermore’s best treatise yet on cultural intelligence.” —Soon Ang, PhD, Pioneering social scientist in cultural intelligence, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“In times like these, it’s easy to throw up our hands and conclude that we just can’t get along. But Livermore shows how we can do better—to talk with each other rather than past each other and close the gaps that separate us.” —Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, and To Sell Is Human

“What can each of us do to address what feels like an intractable problem in our organizations and communities—polarization? David Livermore shares what he has learned from his own research and journey about what it takes to develop cultural intelligence and build healthy relationships with others different from ourselves.” —Linda A. Hill, PhD, Harvard Business School Faculty, and co-author of Collective Genius, Being the Boss and other bestselling titles

Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, measures

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