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MyCQ is one of our online learning options. The course is designed to guide you through the results of your CQ assessment. The course is customized for you based on your personal scores from the CQ assessment. Course materials cover individual scores on the four primary CQ capabilities and the 13 sub-dimensions. As a bonus, the MyCQ course also includes all the cultural values content from MyCV, an online course on ten cultural values.

We also have multi-rater (360°) and faith-based versions of the CQ assessment.

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Research Based

Our CQ Assessments measure an individual’s capability for working and relating across cultures. Participants complete the assessment online and receive a personalized feedback report that compares their CQ with the worldwide norms, helps them interpret the feedback, and guides them through the process of creating a personal CQ Development Plan.

Benefits of CQ for Global Leaders

  • Success in culturally diverse markets
  • Speed and efficiency when working across borders
  • Trust and influence with culturally diverse communities
  • Profitability and cost-savings
  • Multicultural team effectiveness
  • Global, virtual team effectiveness

Solutions for Organizations

  • On-site trainings and workshops
  • On-site or public Certification programs
  • Long-term strategic planning for diversity and inclusion
  • Self and 360 assessment and e-Learning packages, including assessments specifically geared for faith-based, ministry contexts

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CQ is an ongoing education

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